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[FST] tomorrow's martyr

tomorrow's martyr
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art by alex milne, colors by josh perez

live it out // metric
[ lyrics ]
vertebrae by vertebrae, roll your way out of a coma
look up, the nurse is smiling -- what luck, the nurse is me
your old body is dead
your body's dead, you're a word instead
in my sleep i repeat it
it's a good story
little buddha // toad the wet sprocket
[ lyrics ]
smile on, little buddha, smile on
little buddha, smile on
it's only illusion, then it's gone
pay it back // elvis costello
[ lyrics ]
and i tried so hard just to be myself, but i keep on fading away
until the lights went out, i didn't know what to do
if i could fool myself, then maybe i'd fool you too
seven nation army // ben l'oncle soul
[ lyrics ]
i'm gonna fight 'em off
a seven nation army couldn't hold me back
they're gonna rip it off
taking their time right behind my back
chin-ton-shan // go!go!7188
[ lyrics & tl ]
sing! dance! once you come into this world,
there's no going back
if you come to a mountain, climb it! if you come to rapids, surrender yourself to them!
tonight, shall we go as far as the current takes us?
accidntel deth // rilo kiley
[ lyrics ]
there's blood spilled on the floor
everyone's staring at you -- what for?
till you realize the blood is probably yours
1x1x1 // cloud cult
[ lyrics ]
you don't hear your intuition, 'cause it says
you were blessed with sensitivity, but it says
you can't fly with such a heavy heart, so it says
you gotta do what must be done, so learn to do it with some levity, levity
samurai // juno reactor
[ lyrics ]
you are the light
you are the love who controls the night
you are my support
you are the sun
let it go // dragonette
[ lyrics ]
well if i were you, i'd look up
and find a place there in the sky where there's room enough
to spread it out, and look 'round
for where to land when you come down
and embarked on a life poverty and freedom // world/inferno friendship society
[ lyrics ]
if being a dangerous person doesn't pay
one can be perfectly kind
home six thousand miles away and
this addiction as close as my stomach
all i need is everything // over the rhine
[ lyrics ]
all i need is everything
inside, outside feel new skin
all i need is everything.
feel the slip and the grip of grace again
shine // maccabeats
[ lyrics ]
is this spark that we sing of anything?
hiding somewhere in between everything
let the colors burn in a brilliant burst
like a shooting star falling to the earth
heartlines // florence + the machine
[ lyrics ]
and there’s fantasy, there’s fallacy, there’s tumbling stone
echoes of a city that’s long overgrown
your heart is the only place that i call home,
i cannot be returned
even if it kills me // motion city soundtrack
[ lyrics ]
i've lived here for the last 12 years
since early 1995 all my shit has been in boxes
but if i had a little more time to kill
i'd settle every little stupid thing
yeah you’d think that i would
topeka // ludo
[ lyrics ]
i found god in a catalytic converter
in topeka on a monday night
every saint has a past, every sinner has a future
so you know what keeps me hangin' around
smiley faces // gnarls barkley
[ lyrics ]
i want to be you, whenever i see you smilin'
cause it's easily one of the hardest things to do
your worries and fears become your friends
and they end up smilin' at you
the weight of living, pt. 1 // bastille
[ lyrics ]
there's an albatross around your neck
all the things you've said, and the things you've done
can you carry it with no regrets?
can you stand the person you've become?