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[FST] crash tactics

crash tactics
[ 8tracks | download ]
art by nick roche, colors by josh burcham

all the world is a stage (dive) // the world/inferno friendship society
[ lyrics ]
you've all got to come out and have a drink with me
i'll buy round one, you buy rounds two and three
we'll make a toast to absent friends and better days,
to remembering and being remembered as brave
and not as a bunch of whining jerks!
crash tactics // 65daysofstatic
[ instrumental ]
riot // dragonette
[ lyrics ]
so i dance like i’m starting a riot
i got the fuse already ignited
it’s too late now for us to fight
oh no, i think i might have started a riot
saturday night // kaiser chiefs
[ lyrics ]
cut through the city on a saturday night
it’s not the size of the man in the fight
i wanna know what that does, i wanna show what matters
cause it’s the size of the fight in the man
that makes the difference and decides who is champ
the void // metric
[ lyrics ]
all night, like a child
i stayed up to prove i could keep up
all night, like a fool
i stayed up to prove i could keep up
with you
front breaking // megumi hayashibara
[ lyrics & ]
instead of having doubts about the far-off future,
if i just break the realities before my eyes one by one
they turn to nothing but sand
you can't worry about your appearance
let's break through the front!
london beckoned songs about money written by machines // panic! at the disco
[ lyrics ]
i’m burning and i’m blacking my lungs
boy you know it feels good to have fire back on your tongue
if you talk you better walk you better back your shit up
with more than good hooks while you’re under the gun
l.g. fuad // motion city soundtrack
[ lyrics ]
i wanna know what it’s like to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent
i wanna know how it feels to be useful and pertinent and have common sense
let me in, let me into the club
cause i wanna belong and i need to get strong
bungu // go!go!7188
[ lyrics & tl ]
right now inside of my head
if i were to color over it with just one blue crayon
that’d be the ruins of yesterday
i can’t catch up!
am i the only one starting from nothing once again?
halloween blues // the fratellis
[ lyrics ]
well i’m gonna make you love me
i’m gonna make you wish that you’d never been born
now you wish you’d never met me
i can be the joker that you couldn’t shake off
don't know how to stop // halestorm
[ lyrics ]
i don’t know how to stop, i give it all i’ve got
it’s like my brakes are shot
i gotta have too much, i don’t know how to stop
gets crazy, but so what?
carry the sun // the glitch mob
[ instrumental ]
what a catch, donnie // fall out boy
[ lyrics ]
i got troubled thoughts
and the self-esteem to match
what a catch, what a catch
you'll be bright // cloud cult
[ lyrics ]
so bring the dead to life, turn your blood to wine
all your life you have waited for this moment to arrive
and you’ll be bright


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