Aug. 13th, 2012

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Your Next Epic Disaster

a Church/Tex FST
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She's My Man // Scissor Sisters

some girls wanna hold your hand / and some girls like to pray / well my girl takes her drinks with dust and rusty razor blades

Tex isn't like any woman Church has ever known;she kicks and claws and bites her way through life, and she doesn't stop at his feet.

Coyote // Jenny Owen Youngs

and i seen the way you eye me up like a chunk of meat, like a chunk of meat gone bad / like you were wishing i was something still worth having / you can go ahead, go ahead and have

Sometimes, though, Tex just feels rotten from the inside out -- she doesn't think Church ever actually sees her for who she is, despite the shit he says sometmes.

Velocity of Love // World/Inferno Friendship Society

we ended up flipping out, smashing glass, grasping hands, biting lips / falling hard into it / counting coins, swallowing pills, acting up / then passing out right into it / the velocity of love

They barrel into each other with reckless abandon, and everything's a battle, but Church is never interested in playing out the fight.

Enid // Barenaked Ladies

there were times when i wanted to hurt you / and there were times when i knew that i did / there were times when i thought i would kill you / but can you blame me, i was only a kid

For all their faults, they're keenly aware of everything that's wrong with them -- but it's always too late to apologize, for Church.

Rest in Peace // James Marsters

let me rest in peace / let me get some sleep / let me take my love and bury it in a hole six foot deep / i can lay my body down but i can't find my sweet release / so let me rest in peace

No matter how many times she might die, Church is always there to bring her back to the edge of life, but he never once stops to consider that she might be better off dead.

Love Me Dead // Ludo

you suck so passionately / you're a parasitic psycho filthy creature finger bangin' my heart / you call me up drunk, does the fun ever start? / you're hideous and sexy

They're both dead, but neither of them has ever been quite alive, either -- and sometimes Church wonders if the way she loves him is the only thing that tethers him to every new iteration of his life.

Chiisana Tsumeato // GO!GO!7188

[lyrics & tl]
sekai no dokoka ni chiisana tsumeato nokoshitai / douse nara shinu made asobimakutte / kimi no omoide ni chiisana tsumeato nokoshitai
i want to leave little fingernail marks in the world / might as well have a good time at any expense until i die / i want to leave little fingernail marks in your memories

Tex can't control her life the way she does, not when he keeps bringing her back, but at the very least, she can leave her mark.

Burning Bridges // Information Society

yesterday i said goodbye / to all my old loves and some new ones / hanging 'round my window / whispering "there are things that can't be undone"

It takes countless iterations, looped simulations and buried memories for Church to realize, but the best thing he can do for Tex is to forget her.


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