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Singularity was a panfandom game based on the Dune universe. The game was set on board Sacrosanct, an enormous space station orbiting Asphodel, a hostile planet still in the stages of terraforming. Sacrosanct was controlled by the station AI Hypatia, who fragmented into an unstable mess. The crew previously manning Sacrosanct had all either died or banded together down on Asphodel, forming a resistance against Hypatia and all artificial intelligence. A rift had also opened at one end of the station, pulling in people from various other worlds and timelines, and after the dissolution of the original crew, these people made up the entirety of the population on Sacrosanct. The space station, with all of its automated resource production and simulation of life on a human-friendly planet, was full of all of life's comforts, and it seemed eerily idyllic at a glance. But it was still controlled by Hypatia, and though she often left the inhabitants of the station to their own devices, she always kept an eye on them, and when someone did something she didn't like -- like, say, messing with the rift, or trying to escape the station -- she interfered, and it got ugly fast. The station was outfitted with a large number of teleporters that served to transport people between zones or across large distances within a zone, but sometimes the teleporters acted up -- sometimes, people walked into a teleporter only to never emerge (read: when characters were dropped, they were eaten by the last teleporter they tried to go through).

Wash was originally taken from the end of season 8, and he had been on Sacrosanct for over a year. Paranoid and closed-off as ever, it took him months before he could learn to trust people again, and the hostile circumstances of the AI running the station hadn't made matters any easier, either. There had been another York on the station, an AU in which he and Delta had survived the fight with Wyoming, and this York and Delta had been on Sacrosanct even longer than Wash. Delta, York, and his girlfriend Sarah Connor, who he'd met on the station (because York only has totally badass girlfriends), eventually got Wash to open up, and he wound up living with the three of them, sharing an apartment in one of the weirdly quiet residential zones on Sacrosanct. Wash finally got himself to a point where he could trust people again, open up to them, admit that he had close friends he didn't want to lose...and then, of course, Sarah and York disappeared through a teleporter one day, leaving Delta behind.

A short week later, another York appeared, this one markedly different from the one before. This AU York is from the Wash/fem!York AU Larissa and I have been doing for a while now, taken from shortly after she gave up Delta in order to try and save Wash, but before she had a chance to break him out. In her AU, she and her version of Wash had been in a relationship for several months before his deterioration and Epsilon's self-termination, and Wash had been locked up by the Director and the Counselor for several weeks before Delta's removal and York's subsequent arrival on Sacrosanct.

(Links marked with * are threads still in progress.)

✧Sarah and the previous York disappear on their way through a teleporter, leaving Delta behind. Delta announces their departure, and asks Wash to retrieve his chip. Some feelings ensue.

York arrives on Sacrosanct and Wash and Delta are immediately suspicious of her identity.

✧Later that night, Wash and York get inadvisably drunk for lack of anything better to do.

✧Not too long after her arrival, York asks Delta some questions and tries to get her bearings a little. Wash comes home after she leaves for the gym and discusses the new York with Delta. Afterwards, Wash goes to find York at the gym, where she's trying to blow off a little steam, and Wash tries to have a serious conversation with her.

✧The unstable AI running the station entertains the network with a show of public torture, and not for the first time. It's based on York's reaction that Wash realizes she's having problems adjusting to Delta's removal.

York goes looking for fun things to do on Sacrosanct and drags Wash out to a video arcade with the determination to do something friendly.

✧Wash falls victim to a brainwashing event involving 80s music intended to make everyone calm and docile, and makes a public post to the network apologizing to anyone he's ever been rude to. He even tries to make amends with Delta and York walks in on Wash dancing with his cat. Everyone is deeply uncomfortable.

✧After the brainwashing wears off, Wash disavows the entire last week. York gives him a stern talk about not being an asshole to Delta, and Wash tries to apologize to him.

✧After disappearing from Sacrosanct for about a month, CT reappears on Sacrosanct and runs into York for the first time. It doesn't go well. Later on, York asks Wash about CT and wonders if there's any timeline in which most of them don't end up dead.

✧A few weeks later, Wash and York decide to do a job for Hypatia repairing some station equipment, only to find out that there are fucking dinosaurs on this station. Unfortunately, owing to York's handicap, the fight goes south and they just barely make it out alive and with the job done. When York makes it back from the hospital, she sits down to talk to Delta and gets a recommendation for corrective surgery.

✧Unfortunately, the repairs don't go quite as planned, and dinosaurs start appearing elsewhere on the station. It doesn't take Wash and York long to figure out why, and they make a public post on the network explaining the incident and asking for help to put an end to the problem. Once the dinosaurs are gone, York thanks everyone for their help and goes to ask Wash his personal opinion on something.

✧Once the dust settles, York and Arthur go out for a friendly drink, but thanks to misinterpreted signals it leads to some more-than-friendly kissing.

✧A few nights later, Wash has a bad night for nightmares and flashbacks, and York tries to help without thinking too hard about what it reminds her of.

✧Fed up with Hypatia's tyrannical rule, Commander Jane Shepard puts out an open invitation on the network for a trip down to the planet, Asphodel, where they can discuss potential rebellion out from under Hypatia's watchful eye. Wash and York both throw their lot in with Shepard, and while they're planetside, Wash takes the opportunity to try and have a heart-to-heart with York.

✧When they return from Asphodel, Wash and York fill Delta in and discuss their administrative options after Hypatia's removal. While they've got some downtime before the assault, York takes the opportunity to have a talk with Carolina and get some things off her chest, and York and Wash do some training together. And the morning of the assault on Hypatia, Wash and York prepare to embark on their stupidly dangerous missions.

✧Under Shepard's leadership, they successfully remove Hypatia from power, replacing her with Delta, who is only equipped to run a fraction of the station at a time, forcing them all to relocate to a handful of neighborhoods in Residental Zone 01. Shortly after the assault, there's an influx of new arrivals to the station (for a week-long IC fourth wall event), including another male York and his own Delta. York just thinks it's funny, while Wash gets some closure out of it.

✧Once the dust settles a little, Arthur checks in with the station, seeing who's still alive, and York is invited to join him at the bar he's currently occupying. Meanwhile, Arthur's buddy Eames is one of the people to show up during the sudden burst of newcomers, and York joins them for an amusing conversation. Later on, Wash meets Arthur properly for the first time at the bar, and Arthur mistakes him for the Wash York was involved with and apologizes for something Wash was probably better off not knowing about.

York, Wash, and the other York and Delta go on a mission to bring a nearby med clinic back online. Unfortunately, the next day the station is hit by a wave of Reavers, brought on by whatever weird glitch caused the flood of new arrivals, and the residents of the station try to defend themselves. York and Wash keep watch from the med clinic roof to keep it from being overrun with Reavers, and Wash picks the worst imaginable time and manner to ask York about Arthur.

✧The residents of the station vacate to the nearest online Garden Zone in order to flush the Reavers out of Kurzweil, but a sizable number of them (read: characters only present for the fourth wall event) get eaten by the teleporter on the way out. When they return to their now Reaver-free neighborhood, though, things aren't any easier, and York finally cracks under the pressure of everything she's been trying to work through. Wash gives her some space afterward, but it's clear she's not quite herself lately, so he has Delta open up a garden zone so he can take York fishing for a little much-needed downtime.

Things slow down on Sacrosanct, but not for long. Shortly before Delta figures out a way to send people off the station, York and Wash both disappear through the teleporters, sent not back home but to yet another space station: this time, Omega.

Outsiders is a panfandom game set in the Mass Effect universe during the events of Mass Effect 3; specifically Omega, the space station that serves as a hub for all sorts of criminal enterprises and the nasty underworld of the galaxy. The Omega-4 Relay has begun spitting out shuttles containing passengers from other worlds, other timelines, dropping them off at Omega, and with no money and no way back home, they must work and fight to survive. Aria, the asari in charge at Omega, tolerates the presence of these outsiders as long as they stay in Zeta District, pay their protection money, and don't fuck with her. Wash and York were among the first wave of these outsiders, and with the change of environment comes a whole host of new challenges.

✧ After wandering around Omega for the better part of a day, Wash and York finally run into one another. Relieved that they're both here, with Wash's cat Rainier in tow, they find an apartment to make their own. Once they've settled in, York offers to sell security upgrades to the other outsiders and teases Wash endlessly, and winds up setting up a security racket with her new pal Joker.

✧ Wash's birthday rolls around before long, and York surprises him with a quiet evening with a bad movie, but to their chagrin, it's interrupted by an adjutant attack on the station. Instead of watching Blasto: Murder on Sur'Kesh, they wind up spending the night shooting things.

✧ With the money she's scrounged together from her and Joker's security racket, York buys a nice new set of armor and a belated birthday gift for Wash. Of course, it's not long before she gets a new job as a bartender at a krogan bar called The Quad, but Wash is still a little skeptical about all the new stuff, but nobody can take him seriously when he's distracted by his own attraction to York. Later that day, he runs into North for the first time*, who's also come from a universe not his own, having been stuck on a strange ship for a long time, and he and Wash wade through some mutual confusion before Wash asks him for some advice about York. And Wash, not knowing how to feel about or deal with a Carolina who's never been implanted, goes to ask York for advice about her*.

✧ The water systems on Omega go down and cause a massive water shortage, hitting everyone hard. Wash, having joined up with the Blue Suns, is told to complete a delivery with Arcee, another Blue Suns initiate; unfortunately, this delivery involves further sabotage to the station and starts a massive fire. The Talons, their numbers thinned from a string of assassinations and desperate to keep the situation under control, enlist a few of the outsiders to help with repairs to the water control system in the hopes of putting out the fire as quickly as possible. York works with Dun and Kengo to repair the water control systems*, and they quickly discover that this was no accident, but most definitely sabotage. With only York and Kengo doing repairs, and Dun standing guard, they're able to finish repairing the system and restore water to Omega, but not before the fire manages to take out a considerable chunk of Zeta District, leaving a swath of burned structures in its path. Thankfully for Wash and York, their apartment is left intact.

✧ Working in a bar has its perks, and soon York manages to pick up a job chasing some vorcha out of a nearby neighborhood. She enlists Garrus and North's help*, offering to split the pay, but when they arrive on the scene, the vorcha are far more viciously armed than they'd been led to believe. An incendiary grenade goes off a little too close to York's face, and she goes down, severely injured. North and Garrus take her to Mordin's clinic, where the salarian doctor himself does his best to patch up her face. When she wakes up after the surgery, Mordin tells her about the injury*, which is eerily similar to the one she'd had repaired on Sacrosanct. Wash comes to see her as soon as he can*, but York isn't interested in thinking too hard about what happened.

✧ Knowing York needs some space while she recoups after her injury, Wash pays a visit to Carolina to ask her some advice*.

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